Employment Litigation


Labor and employment law frequently changes and tends to be fairly complex.  When disputes arise that lead to litigation, they can be highly charged, very personal, and often public.  Therefore, they can be difficult to resolve.

Hannafan & Hannafan represents both employers and employees in a variety of employment matters, as both plaintiffs and defendants. Our firm handles and advises clients on matters related to discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and severance.

At Hannafan & Hannafan we have the knowledge of employment laws and regulations and the skillful expertise to analyze the case and implore the best strategy.  At our Chicago law firm we not only have that insightful perception, but we have the dogged determination to explore all angles and develop the best positioning possible for the case.



Case Examples


Breach of Retirement Benefits

Prosecution of breach of retirement benefits contract case on behalf of 10 retired Beatrice Cos. Directors and CEOs in Donald Grantham et al. v. Beatrice Co. and ConAgra, Inc. before Judge Leonard Levin. Verdict of $1.6 million after two-week trial.

Employment Agreement

Represented Defendant Scott Ward and after a two-day evidentiary hearing before Judge Amy J. St. Eve successfully dissolved a temporary restraining order.  In addition, Mr. Hannafan defeated Plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction regarding his client’s employment agreement and non-competition/non-solicitation clauses. 



race discrimination & sexual Harassment

Blake Hannafan has represented clients in a variety of racial discrimination and sexual harassment matters.