Case Results



Commercial Litigation

Breach of Contract
Defended two companies accused of breach of contract and misrepresentations during a three-week jury trial in the Federal District of Massachusetts. Succeeded in recovering 100% of clients’ counter-claim damages, and plaintiff recovered 5% of damages sought.

Breach of Engagement
Prosecuted breach of engagement contract and fee collection arbitration on behalf of a major law firm against its former corporate client in 3-day AAA arbitration.  Succeeded in obtaining and collecting $4 million plus award.

Personal Injury

Premises Liability
Obtained a $258,000 verdict for damages in a personal injury case after a 3-day jury trial.  The case related to a premises liability claim against Defendant Resurrection Services.  (Judge Tolmaire, Circuit Court of Cook County).  

Achieved a settlement of $3,750,000 on behalf of a client who lost part of his leg as a result of an explosion.


Michael Jordan Breach of Contract Appeal
Michael Jordan v. Karla Knafel - After the Appellate Court reversed the lower court’s previous decision to dismiss Karla Knafel’s counterclaim for breach of contract in response to Michael Jordan’s extortion complaint, the lower court on remand granted summary judgment in Jordan’s favor.  Hannafan & Hannafan appealed on behalf of Knafel.  On appeal, argued by Blake Hannafan, the court affirmed the summary judgment decision in favor of Jordan in a surprising decision which ignored long-established Illinois law, requiring the party asserting fraudulent inducement to prove that he/she relied upon the other party’s representation. (IL 1st Dist.)

Legal Malpractice
Represented client on appeal of jury verdict in client’s favor for legal malpractice. (IL 1st Dist.)


Breach of Retirement Benefits
Prosecution of breach of retirement benefits contract case on behalf of 10 retired Beatrice Cos. Directors and CEOs in Donald Grantham et al. v. Beatrice Co. and ConAgra, Inc. before Judge Leonard Levin. Verdict of $1.6 million after two-week trial.

Race Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Blake Hannafan has represented clients in a variety of racial discrimination and sexual harassment matters.

Trust & Estate

Trust Litigation
Blake Hannafan has represented several clients in litigation regarding Trust Litigation and breaches of fiduciary duties.