Working on appeals involves a different skill set and strategic thinking than trial practice.  At Hannafan & Hannafan, we have the advantage of handling both initial trials as well as appellate cases.  With appeals, the focus shifts from proving facts (through discovery, examining witnesses and trial) to the legal issues that decide the case.  At Hannafan & Hannafan, we conduct thorough research, analyze the legal issues, and present the facts and arguments in a concise and persuasive manner.  The fact is that at Hannafan & Hannafan we can view the entire case more objectively than the attorney who has lived the initial trial.

In our Chicago law practice we hold the traits of strong appellate attorneys:  a passion for the law and its development, high integrity, and intense determination to look at the case with a new lens and uncover facts that will aid our clients on appeal.



Case Examples


Michael Jordan Breach of Contract Appeal

Michael Jordan v. Karla Knafel - After the Appellate Court reversed the lower court’s previous decision to dismiss Karla Knafel’s counterclaim for breach of contract in response to Michael Jordan’s extortion complaint, the lower court on remand granted summary judgment in Jordan’s favor.  Hannafan & Hannafan appealed on behalf of Knafel.  On appeal, argued by Blake Hannafan, the court affirmed the summary judgment decision in favor of Jordan in a surprising decision which ignored long-established Illinois law, requiring the party asserting fraudulent inducement to prove that he/she relied upon the other party’s representation.

Legal Malpractice.jpg

Legal Malpractice Case

Represented client on appeal of jury verdict in client’s favor for legal malpractice. (IL 1st Dist.)