commercial litigation

Hannafan & Hannafan handles general commercial litigation cases, involving any type of dispute that can arise in business.  These disputes include breach of contract cases, Directors & Officers liability, partnership/joint venture disputes, class action lawsuits, legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary, and security/shareholder matters

At Hannafan & Hannafan we skillfully assess the merits of a dispute and develop either a prosecution or defense for our clients.  We position these disputes intelligently with efficiency, creativity, and sound judgment.  We are able to get to the crux of the matter swiftly without wasting time or money.  As a small firm, we provide you with experienced attorneys, giving you personalized attention.  Finally, we can help you whether it is “bet-the-company” litigation or smaller matters.



Trial Examples


Breach of CONTRACT

Defended two companies accused of breach of contract and misrepresentations during a three-week jury trial in the Federal District of Massachusetts. Succeeded in recovering 100% of clients’ counter-claim damages on clients’ counterclaim damages, and plaintiff recovered 5% of damages sought.

Legal malpractice

Prosecuted a plaintiff’s legal malpractice “case within a case” on behalf of the City of Clinton, Iowa.  The three-week trial involved an underlying federal False Claims Act, alleging that the City’s fire department had submitted falsely coded emergency ambulance bills to Medicare.



breach of ENGAGEMENt

Prosecuted breach of contract and fee collection arbitration on behalf of a major law firm against its former corporate client in 3-day AAA arbitration.  Succeeded in obtaining and collecting $4 million plus award.